7 ways to beat the easyJet cabin baggage rules

7 ways to beat the easyJet cabin baggage rules: Don't get caught out: how to avoid baggage charges and keep hold of your hand luggage on an easyJet flight.

So where do all those lost backpacks, souvenirs and bottles of 
sun cream go?

Gatwick Airport have reportedly been busy filling  between 1,000 
and 1,800 bins per month with confiscated or forgotten
carry on suitcases, bags and backpacks.

Well if the items are not recycled, given to the police or
disposed of - they take a trip to an auction.
Items found in airports include bags of diamonds, 
rolex watches, ipads and mobile phones.

However, finding the likes of such items are not guaranteed to often pop
up in auctions. There may be more of a chance of finding a
gem if you knew which location the baggage came from
or was heading to and yes of course how expensive the suitcase or bags
appear to be may give an indication as to what might be inside.

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