Is your suitcase secure enough?

Is your suitcase secure enough?

There are various videos floating around on the internet showing you how to get into your suitcase if you have forgotten a security code on your suitcase padlock or lost a key but think about this for a moment - these handy tips can be learnt by anybody including opportunists who are gunning for your valuables. 

This is why I would like to share with you 5 precautions to avoid your valuable possessions going walkies. A suitcase is not 100% secure so as a general rule don't leave all of your valuable possessions in your suitcase.

How do I keep my stuff secure on holiday?
Here are 5 handy precautions

#1 Keep your most valuable possessions with you. Invest in a rucksack to carry your things on your trip.

#2 Separate your money sources. Keep a credit card and some cash for a day trip and hide your other money sources in pockets of your garments inside of your suitcase.

#3 When you leave your hotel room use your don't disturb sign. It's nice to have your room tidied but the fewer people in your room the less likely your things will go walkies.

#4 Don't use the safe of a hotel that you are unfamiliar with. 

#5 Do your research on locks and suitcases before you purchase because some are not as secure as they advertise. Check out Youtube for reviews or how to unlock a particular lock tutorials. 

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