Travel Well, is a company launched a few years ago that deliver ratings on over 400 airlines worldwide. The 2016 ratings category include best airline for safety, business class, economy and in-flight entertainment. The following information has been put together for all of the occasional flyers to the frequent jetsetters. 

Australia’s Qantas, did it again by getting the top spot for being the safest with a fatality free record in the jet history

2016 Award Winners include:
Airline Of The Year
Winner 2016: Air New Zealand
Best Business Class
Winner 2016: Singapore Airlines
  Best Economy
Winner 2016: Air New Zealand
          In Flight Entertainment Award
Winner 2016: Singapore Airlines
      Long Haul Middle East/Africa
Winner 2016: Etihad Airways 
Long Haul Asia/Pacific
Winner 2016: Cathay Pacific
Long Haul Europe
  Winner 2016: Lufthansa

Singapore Airlines

The top ten

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